product design

Design & manufacturing

*Welcome! We are an Athens based team of professionals who aim to provide ideas on industrial design (3D scanning & 3D modelling), solutions on the manufacturing process, and project management. Out team consists of highly specialized industrial designers, graphic designers, programmers, mechanical engineers and manufacturers. We provide a complete plan of manufacturing and execution, starting from putting your idea on paper until the final production, covering the steps of cost analysis, marketing strategy, etc. You can visit our services page from more details and our portfolio page to see samples of our work.


*Out aim is to help individual professionals and companies to develop new, cutting edge products. We provide support and expertise during all the steps of creating, planning, and manufacturing the final product. We use cutting edge technology to provide solutions to any problem may arise during the whole process of creating the product and launching it to the market.


*We are glad to hear your ideas, so please do not hesitate to send us your thoughts, comments, questions at  contact us.